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Nicholas Mishko

10 and 8 Management
Artist Manager
Nicholas Mishko is the owner and full time artist manager at 10 and 8 Management. He has been in the music business full time for 10 years now. He launched 10 and 8 Management in 2012 after spending 4+ years working in artist and songwriter royalties at the legendary ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. in Nyc. It was truly an experience in what one would call "old school music business." ABKCO’s artists included The Rolling Stones, The Who, Chubby Checker, The Kinks, Bob Seger, and the iconic Sam Cooke. After almost 4 1/2 years of royalties, spreadsheets and learning every which way from Sunday you can license a Rolling Stones song for television, Nicholas wanted to deal more directly with artists. He wanted to nurture and grow artists; he wanted to manage. Nicholas already had the knowledge of record contracts and licensing so he felt confident that he could do it. Nicholas scouted bands and after a bunch of meetings he landed his first artist. After a few months, his roster kept growing and he left my comfortable job with a 401k and benefits at ABKCO Music and Records to launch 10 and 8 Management. (Crazy right? A record label job with great benefits and he leaves) In 2012, he leaves his job at ABKCO to launch 10 and 8 Management and haven't looked back since. Nicholas currently manages 9 full time bands and artists, negotiated 7 record deals and booked hundreds of shows. Nicholas just absorbed another management agency, so the 10 and 8 Management roster has now grown to 16 clients and new offices.