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Curran Belvins

Fram Projects / AllNaturalAthlete
Orange County, California Area
I have owned my own management company for 5 years at this point! I have strived to be forward thinking, and always open to be on top of the new technological advances in the music industry. I strive to take creative advertising and marketing risks to further artists careers, and introduce them to large audience platforms, all without being locked down, or signed to a label.
I have worked with artists such as Hoodie Allen, Our Last Night, and Yonas. I strongly believe that the music industry is the wild wild west, and the only motto you must have is one of which the bigger the risk the bigger the possible reward.

I also run a personal health and wellness movement #AllNaturalAthlete & #YouDeserveMore in which I strive to create healthy lifestyles for anyone who is in need of a change. I strongly believe that fitness should not be a commodity to only those who can afford it, but quite the opposite that everyone should be able to take part in good health and nutrition practices. In the last year, I have held 4 free 30 day challenges which have had over 1,000 participants take place. My goal is to educate, and empower individuals so that they are able to obtain the highest level or performance in their personal lives, relationships, and businesses. I strongly believe it all begins with the food and fuel you are putting in your mouth, and it really is the life you did not know you were missing in which you truly deserve. I speak at colleges, and conferences across the USA in hopes of educating people, and inspiring others to take a hold of their lives and make a positive change, as I did two years ago losing over 65+ lbs in 8 short months.

Always remember #YouDeserveMore.